Flag Clips 1502 For Stern Lights or Flag Poles


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These Stern Light Flag Clips are the easiest way to attach your flags to your Stern light or your boats flag pole. It has a No-slip grip and will not scratch the finish of your flag pole or stern light shaft. The flag clip is made of quality stainless steel and will not rust even in salt water conditions. The clips will hold your flag securely up to 65 miles an hour. So if your looking for the Best Stern Light or Flag Pole Flag Clip you have found it. - Each pack contains two (2) flag clips Installation Instructions: 1. Apply the foam tape to the area on the pole that you wish to mount the top flag clip. Trim excess tape. 2. Thread the zip tie through the clip mount so that the larger end of the square end of the zip tie points to flag. 3. Cinch zip tie down until it is tight around the foam tape. 4. Unhook closure to release tension on spring. 5. Slide hook through clip mount. 6. Insert closure through flag grommet and compress spring and return closure to locked position. 7. Repeat steps 1-6 for bottom mount. 8. Be sure to extend flag to show proper mounting position of bottom flag clip.