Flag Clips 1500 For Halyards Or Outriggers


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These Halyard and Outrigger Flag Clips are the easiest and securest way of attaching your marine flags to your boat. The Halyard flag clips are made of stainless steel and are spring loaded. They have a No-slip grip and will handle speeds up to 65mph. The clips allow you to attach your flags quickly to your Halyard rope or your outrigger line so you can fly your flags proudly. They won't rust in salt water conditions. So if your looking for the Best Halyard or Outrigger Flag Clips you have found them! - Each pack contains two (2) flag clips

Installation Instructions:

1. Unhook closure to release tension on spring.

2. Slide hook over rope.

3. Insert closure through flag grommet and compress spring and return closure to locked position.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for bottom mount.

5. Be sure to extend flag to show proper mounting position of bottom flag clip.