Evacuation Body Splint Stretcher


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The Evacuation Body Splint Stretcher is at the forefront of medical development and design. The thickness of the lower outer skin has been increased to give more resistance to abrasion, whilst using a new lightweight material on the upper skin in order to maintain the overall weight of the item. We have also changed the head strap to give two fitting systems so as to give a firmer head restraint. **Please note that SAR Stretchers no longer come with Helicopter Slings as the Coast Guard will have their own. If you still wish to purchase a sling, we sell the attachment separately. The SAREVAC has a width of 68cm across both the shoulder and hip areas and is 205 cm long, giving more security and protection to the casualty. It provides six horizontal lifting loops; three down each side positioned along the main trunk/torso of the casualty. All the main casualty securing cross straps are of 50mm webbing with adjustable two piece clip buckles. It has an integral body harness made from 25mm web with crutch padding and adjustable foot support with padding for extra security and to stop body slip when in a vertical or angular mode of lift. The two main vertical lifting loops are positioned at the shoulder this gives a true vertical lifting position for the casualty. The head section can be formed into a cone to disperse debris when dragging through confined spaces. The strap holding the stretcher in its rolled position has a fitted pad and can be used for a head restraint by threading it around the outer loops on the coned area. It can also be used as a lifting mat without the use of the straps, two people can transfer a casualty from one flat area to another keeping the casualty in a horizontal mode. The lower outer material is ORANGE and made from FLAME RETARDENT, heavy duty PVC reinforced nylon. The Inner and bag are made from standard PVC reinforced nylon. Manufacturer: SAR Dimensions: •Width: 68cm; •Length: 205cm; •Packed size inc. bag: 75 x 30cm; •Weight: Stretcher @ 5.6kg.