Circumnavigation in Photos S/Y SUNsuSEA

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Circumnavigation in Photos S/Y SUNsuSEA

This photoalbum is addressed to people looking for inspiration for extraordinary journeys, sailors dreaming of an adventure in their life, divers chasing rare specimens of underwater fauna and all the others, curious about what distant shores have to offer. We have prepared this book to share with you the adventures of a fantastic three-year cruise around the world. We are ordinary people who sometimes do extraordinary things. So don't hesitate to take this book and follow your dreams!


* Caribbean * Panama * Galapagos * French Polynesia * Cook Islands * Tonga * Fiji * New Zealand * Vanuatu * Australia * Indonesia * Mauritius * Madagascar * South Africa * Brazil * And more

Apart from the remarkable illustrative photos, for an added bonus, this bilingual book written in both English and Polish, contains QR Codes within its pages that when scanned will take you to a website that allows you to see free corresponding movies with running lengths up to 6 mins.

Format: Hardcover

# of pages: 350

Size: 9.5" x 6.75" x 0.9"

Authors: Paulina and Mariusz Kierebinscy