Check Before Fixing 2021 BIMCO

SKU 9781856099752


This publication builds upon decades of BIMCO’s experience as the world leader in developing standard shipping contracts and clauses and its daily practice of advising BIMCO members about contractual issues.

Access to this wealth of experience is included in Check Before Fixing 2021 and it will assist you during negotiations. The publication is packed with comprehensive information and advice that helps you avoid contractual pitfalls and better understand the consequences of your commercial decisions.

Most charter party related queries that are answered by BIMCO’s Support & Advice Team are about problems arising after a contract has been signed. “Check Before Fixing 2021” is an essential tool to use before committing to a contract. After all, prevention is better than a cure. But this publication is also a great reference if disputes arise under existing contracts.

Disregarding the advice provided in “Check before Fixing 2021” can turn out to be a costly affair. The new and clearer structure makes it easy to find the information you need to assess your risk and the implications of the terms of your fixtures.