Quick Reference Starpath Emergency Navigation Laminated Card

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Quick Reference Starpath Emergency Navigation Laminated Card

For use on land or sea — in the ocean, desert, or Arctic.

This card is intended as an addition to a back-up nav kit or just as a quick reference to emergency techniques. Davis Instruments and others have published a series of such cards on various topics, and if you have a set of these or have found individual ones useful, this would fit well into that category.

The card includes techniques of steering without a compass, finding boat speed without a knotmeter, how to find latitude from sun and stars without sextant or watch, and so forth.

It also includes a method of sight reduction we devised for this purpose, called the N(x) table, which is, without doubt, the world's shortest sight reduction table. This reduction method takes more arithmetic than conventional tables, but they will get the answers. It is much quicker, however, to use it for other purposes such as finding the bearing of the sun or a star at any time. It does this very nicely. This table and our long term almanac for sun and stars makes this card a "complete navigation resource" in an emergency, but it takes practice to learn to use these special features of the card.

Format: Water Resistant Laminated Vinyl

# of pages: 2-sided

Size: 8.5" x 11"