Cruising Atlantic Canada in 2024
Cruising Atlantic Canada in 2024

Cruisers and loopers love making their way to Canada this time of year for the crystal clear cool water while southern waters face another hurrican season. The atlantic coast of Canada has a wide variety of locations to choose from whether you want to stay in quiet small towns or the entertaining coasts of Quebec. Below is a list of everything you may need on your voyage north through Canada's beautiful Atlantic coastline. We recommend taking the necersary Canadian charts and cruising guides for your trip as well as an up to date card for your plotter.

Canadian charts are no longer print-on-demand but only require about 1 week lead time from order date.

However, Canadian Sailing Directions and Tide & Current Tables are now available directly from Bluewater Books & Charts and can be printed and bound same-day.

Cruising Guides:

CCA Guide to the Gulf of St. Lawrence
CCA Guide to Nova Scotia
CCA Guide to Newfoundland
CCA Guide to Labrador
Cruising Guide to the Canadian Maritimes
All Guides


Canada 12x18 in Printed
Newfoundland 12x18 in Printed
Nova Scotia 12x18 in Printed
Quebec 12x18 in Printed
Labrador 12x18 in Premium Sewn Nylon

Interested in something else or want to order digital charts for your plotter? Call 954-763-6533 or email [email protected].

Happy Cruising!
James Henjum
Content Writer