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Explorer Chartbook Exumas Ragged Is 8TH ED Customs & Courtesies And Registry Yacht Clubs

The new Yachting Customs and Courtesies is a 600+ page, full-color, hard-cover book, filled with information that your club needs: sample bylaws, chapters on yachting traditions, the creation of a yacht club, laws that relate to your club, liability and taxes, uniform insignia, boating programs, ceremonies complete with diagrams and scripts, and much more!

The boxed-set also includes the 2017 edition of “Tringali’s Certified Registry of Yacht Clubs and Power Squadrons”, a hard-cover, full-color 400-page book with over 1,000 burgees and contact information for yacht clubs in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean and US Power Squadrons.

Both volumes are encased in a beautiful slipcase for display in your club’s library or foyer, convenient for reference and enjoyment.

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Author: P/C Joseph A Tringali, J.D.
Publisher: Calkins Harbor Publishing
Number of Pages: 613 & 390

New Fourth Edition
Price $349.00 +FREE Ground Shipping
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Explorer Chartbook Exumas Ragged Is 8TH ED Academy of Yachting Membership

As a member of the Academy, your club or
squadron will receive:

• The annual, updated Certified Registry of Yacht Clubs and Power Squadrons beginning in 2018.

• Ask the Academy questions about protocol, the law, taxes, and more or visit the FAQ’s for answers.

• Downloadable documents like sample bylaws, plus scripts and diagrams for many ceremonies.

• Access to the online Registry of Yachts and Power Squadrons - add events and info to your clubs’ entry.

• Receive discounts on Academy speaking engagements and conferences that will educate your club officers, directors, and staff.

Your club’s members will receive:

• Courtesy Cards for visitation privileges at other yacht clubs throughout the world - as determined by their reciprocity rules.

• A free monthly online newsletter, “The Lucky Bag”, made of “nautical this and that” that’s sure to be a hit with your members as well as your Club’s Editor when searching for material.

• A 20% discount on all publications (including future editions of Yachting Customs and Courtesies) when your members order directly from the Academy website or Calkins Harbor Publishing online at www.calkinsharbor.com.

Price $399.95

Explorer Chartbook Exumas Ragged Is 8TH ED The Sundown Ceremony

The Sundown Ceremony is the ultimate “how to” book for yacht club flag lowering ceremonies. This manual explains the history behind the tradition and sets out a step-by-step protocol for the moving ritual. It also contains instructions on the proper folding and presentation of the flag, as well as scripts for twelve patriotic “Sundown Thoughts” and the rare “Thirteen Folds” ceremony. No club should be without this work.

Author: P/C Joseph A. Tringali
Publisher: Calkins Harbor Publishing
Number of Pages: 44

2016 Edition
Price $9.95
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Explorer Chartbook Exumas Ragged Is 8TH ED You, Your Club, and The Law

You,Your Club And The Law discusses possible legal issues that frequently occur for people/clubs and gives general guidance on the process to resolve such issues. A large portion of the text contained withinYou, Your Club And The Law originates from appellate opinions involving real people and real problems. The cases included are based on broad legal principles that are common throughout the United States and its territories. Think of this book as the chart that you study before you pilot your boat into unfamiliar waters. Like the chart, it tells where you are likely to encounter rocks, shoals and eddies. If you concentrate and think ahead, you should be able to avoid them without difficulty; if you're sloppy or lose your concentration, you'll probably need professional help getting out.

Author: P/C Joseph A. Tringali, J.D.
Publisher: Calkins Harbor Publishing
Number of Pages: 135

2016 Edition
Price $24.95
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Explorer Chartbook Exumas Ragged Is 8TH ED You, Your Club and the Law & The Sundown Ceremony BUNDLE

Every Yacht Club should have copies of these invaluable books so we packed them together for you!

This bundle includes both You, Your Club, and The Law & The Sundown Ceremony! Each book is written by author, P/C Joseph A. Tringali, who has served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Florida, is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court bar, former Mayor of North Palm Beach, Florida, served as Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Buffalo, Assistant District Attorney of Eire Country, New York, Assistant State Attorney for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida, and lifelong boating enthusiast. 

2016 Editions
Price $27.95
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