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West Coast Passage Planner

It's prime cruising and fishing season on the West Coast. Beautiful sunny skies and clear water for 2362 nautical miles from Anchorage to San Diego. Whether you prefer salmon or yellow tail, the West Coast is the place to be this summer.


Our West Coast Passage Planner includes our recommended products for Alaska, Pacific Coast of Canada, California, and Hawaii.

If you need assistance with your passage plans call our navigation experts at 1-800-942-2583 or email help@bluewaterweb.com

Great Lakes

Chart Books

Item # Title Edition
R1505 Maptech Pacific Northwest Region 15 5th
Yachtsman Northwest Chartbook 3rd
Yachtsman Oregon Chartbook 2nd
Yachtsman Northern California Chartbook 11th
R1210 Maptech Southern & Central California Region 12 10th
Yachtsman Southern California Chartbook 8th

Cruising Guides

Item # Title Edition
9781934199350 Exploring Eastern Gulf of Alaska 1st
9780919317505 Cruising the Inside Passage to Puget Sound Alaska 1st
9781934199312 Exploring Southeast Alaska 3rd
9781934199251 Exploring North Coast of British Columbia 3rd
9781932310238 Exploring South Coast of British Columbia 3rd
093866557X Exploring Vancouver Island's West Coast 2nd
9780945989363 Northwest Boat Travel 2019 40th
9780999356067 Waggoner Cruising Guide 2019 25th
9781937196363 Charlie's Charts U.S. Pacific Coast
9780147546906 Fodor's Pacific Northwest Travel Guide 21st
9781932310221 Exploring Pacific Coast San Diego to Seattle 2nd
1932310405 Exploring the San Juan & Gulf Islands 3rd
9781937196318 Charlie's Charts Southern California 1st
9781937196400 Charlie's Charts Hawaiian Islands

Coast Pilots, Tides, Currents, and Sailing Directions

Item # Title Edition
GOVCP719 NOAA Coast Pilot 7 Pacific Coast Hawaii 2019
GOVCP818 NOAA Coast Pilot 8 Alaska 2018
GOVCP918 NOAA Coast Pilot 9 Alaska to Beaufort 2018
LLVOL619 Light List Pacific Coast & Islands 2019
80519WCT Tide Tables West Coast North America 2019
CHSTTV519 CHS Tides and Currents V5 Juan de Fuca
CHSTTV619 CHS Tides and Currents V6 Vancouver 2019
CHSTTV719 CHS Tides and Currents V7 Queen Charlotte
81319PCC Current Tables Pacific Coast North America 2019
CHSPAC201E CHS Sailing Directions Strait Juan de Fuca & Georgia
CHSPAC202E CHS Sailing Directions Discovery Passage to Queen Charlotte 2016

Paper Charts

If you need help choosing charts for the west coast, feel free to email our navigation expert Russell at russ@bluewaterweb.com
NOAA West Coast USA Charts

CHS Canadian Charts

Electronic Charts

Protect yourself and your passengers by staying up to date with your charts. With over 10,00 corrections in the U.S. waters alone each year it is important to stay informed. Please have your electronic plotter type and model number available when you order.
Item # Title
C-Map 4D  
NAD024 MSD West Coast & Hawaii 4D
C-Map Max  
NAM024 SD West Coast & Hawaii
NAM025 SD Canada West Coast
Navionics Plus  
Nav+ MSD All US Bahamas and Canada
Navionics Platinum  
912PP MSD West Coast & Hawaii
913PP MSD Vancouver Island
914PP MSD North British Columbia
Garmin G3  
US604X MSD US All & Canadian West Coast g2
Garmin G3 Vision  
VUS037R MSDG3 Vancouver to San Diego


Item # Title Notes
002600 Flag U.S. 12 X 18 Sewn
2420 Flag U.S. 2 X 3 Sewn
140148WE Flag Alaska 12 X 18 Printed
281200 Flag Canada 12 X 18 Printed
191334 Flag Canada 2 X 3 Printed
140506 Flag California 12 X 18 Printed
141234 Flag Hawaii 12 X 18 Printed