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Top 3 Guides for Cruising the Bahamas in 2020

Top 3 Guides for Cruising the Bahamas in 2020
written by James D Henjum, 9/1/2020


Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth time taking the treasured trip to the Bahamas in the fall and winter, there’s always new information to absorb and changing cartography to consider. With over 700 islands to explore and navigate through, it’s no wonder most Bahamas guides are updated annually in order to make sure cruisers and yachts can sail confidently through this gorgeous archipelago.


1. Waterway Guide Bahamas 2020

Waterway Guide Bahamas is without a doubt the most popular guide for cruising the Bahamas. Published annually in a durable spiral bound format, the Wateryway Guide specializes in mile-by-mile navigation for marinas and anchorages, aerial photography with marked routes, GPS waypoints, and snippets of official NOAA charts. This guide also includes the Turks & Caicos.

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2. Seaworthy Cruising Guide to the Bahamas

Written by the legendary Stephen J. Pavlidis, Seaworthy has 3 volumes to give much needed depth and attention to the separate regions of the Northern Bahamas, Southern Bahamas, and Exumas. The value of these guides comes from the authors first hand experience of living and cruising the Bahamas for over 30 years. All charts were created by Stephen using GPS and depth sounding abord his 40’ sloop. Latest versions of this publication also include GPS waypoints, aerial photos, and more.

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3. The Cruising Guide to Abaco Bahamas 2020

In it’s 31st year, The Cruising Guide to Abaco comes after Hurricane Dorian completely decimated the Abaco islands on September 1st of 2019. Extra time and care was taken in this new edition to make sure that areas could be re-surveyed to ensure accuracy for the charts and suggested course lines. This currently is the only guide to the Abaco’s that includes post Hurricane Dorian information and is a must have for cruisers, sailors, and yachts heading for the Abaco Islands. Along with GPS waypoints, aerial photography, tide tables, and detailed snorkeling and diving sites.

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For a complete list of charts, guides, digital charts, and flags for the Bahamas visit our Bahamas Passage Planner.