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Superyacht Services Guides

New 2019 Editions of Superyacht Services Guides

Superyacht Services Guides feature a compilation of professional yacht Captain’s personal recommendations, 'fast tracking' yachtsmen to the most reliable, efficient and effective Marine Services and yachting contacts available all around the world. These guides are published annually according to the regions listed below.

"The first book I dig out when I change locations worldwide is the ever reliable Superyacht Services Guide - it is always a great reference to start with. "

Weems Mariners Stormglass Brass Chart Weight Compass Weems & Plath Brass Chart Weight Magnifier Weems And Plath Chelsea Compass Chart Weight Nickel
Northern Caribbean 2019 Vol 1 Southern Caribbean 2019 Vol 2 Western Mediterranean 2019 Vol 1

Eastern Mediterranean 2019 Vol 2





Atlantis Time And Tide Clock Brass Porthole Desk Set Elegant Navigation Set
North America 2019 Pacific, Asia, & Middle East 2019
South Pacific 2019

$45.00 $45.00 $45.00