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Safety & Fire Control Signs

Maritime Progress
High quality signage for the global marine industry.

Don't see the symbol or sign you're looking for? Bluewater carries over 100 Maritime Progress symbols in the most popular style, 50mm X 50mm photo-luminescent vinyl. But we have the ability to order the complete catalog of over 1000 symbols for your needs. If you would like your symbols larger or smaller, in rigid photo-luminescent PVC, in brushed steel, or in brushed brass, please contact:

[email protected]

Safety Symbols, Signs, & Posters
IMO Symbols

  • IMDG Hazard, Emergency, and Training Signs

  • Safety Symbols


  • Accommodation Signs


  • Direction / Escape Signs


  • Posters (IMO, SOLAS, and more)
  • Fire Control and Equipment


  • Fire Control and Equipment

  • Custom Printed Fire Plans
  • Tapes