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Down East Circle Route and Passage Planner

Down East Circle Route
Passage Planner

Down East Circle Route

It is little wonder that hundreds of recreational mariners choose the Down East Circle Route for their Summer cruising. Picture-perfect scenery along tranquil canals, expansive rivers, historic world-class cities, cultural attractions in 2 different countries along with fabulous food are some of the reasons to make this mini great circle cruise.

Most cruisers begin in New York City, transit up the Hudson River to the Erie Barge Canal, into Lake Ontario and then head northeast in the St. Lawrence River. After city stops in cosmopolitan Montréal and old world Québec City, you are back in the St. Lawrence River transiting the Gulf of St. Lawrence being treated all the while to beautiful Canadian islands (make sure you stop in Charlottetown on Prince Edward Island). Eventually you will reach the  Canso Straits and head south along the Nova Scotia Coast with a stop in Halifax.

You complete your 2500 nautical mile cruise with the beautiful Maine and New England coastal communities before returning through Long Island Sound back to the New York starting point.

Planning Charts
Below is a selection of planning charts to help you select your route. Click here to view the chart catalogs for Canadian and U.S., Waters.Once you have your trip laid out, we can help you with the correct coastal, approach and harbor charts.
Item # Title Notes
OGW13009 Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank 1:500,000
CHS4003 Cape Brenton to Cape Cod 1:1,000,000
CHS4002 Gulf of St. Lawrence 1:750,000

Guides, Pilots and Sailing Directions
Below is an extensive collection of Guides and Pilots selected to provide the most complete coverage of the area. They are listed in order from Maine through the St. Lawrence Gulf and River to Sorrel.
Item # Title Notes
ATL100E CHS SDIR Atl 100E Canada Atlantic Coast 2007 Pod CHS
ATL101E CHS SDIR Atl 101 Newfoundlnd NE & E Cst 2017 Pod CHS
ATL102E CHS SDIR Atl 102 Newfoundlnd E & S Coast 2010 Pod CHS
ATL103E CHS SDIR Atl 103 Newfoundland Southwest 2010 Pod CHS
ATL104E CHS SDIR Atl 104 Canada Cape Breton Is 2010 Pod CHS
ATL105E CHS SDIR Atl 105 Canada Nova Scotia 2014 CHS
ATL106E CHS Sail Dir Atl 106GULF Maine Bay Fundy 2001 CHS
ATL107E CHS SDIR Atl 107 St John River 2009 Pod CHS
ATL108E CHS Sail Dir 108 Gulf St Lawrence SW 2006 CHS
ATL109E CHS Sail Dir 109 Gulf Of St Lawrence NE 2006 CHS
ATL110E CHS SDIR Atl 110 St Lawrence River 2011 Pod CHS
ATL111E CHS SDIR Atl 111 St Lawrence River 2007 Pod CHS
ATL112E CHS SDIR Atl 112 St Lawrence 2009 Pod CHS
ATL120 CHS SDIR Atl 120 Labrador 2004 CHS
ATL121 CHS SDIR Atl 121 Labrador 2004 CHS
CGNE12 Embassy Cruising Guide to the New England Coast 12th Ed. Maptech
9780996899857 Waterway Guide Northern 2017 Waterway Guide
9780996899864 Waterway Guide Great Lakes 2017 Waterway Guide
9780071453288 Visual Cruising Guide To The Maine Coast International Marine
X11689 Cruising Guide Nova Scotia Coast 2014 Charles Westropp
9780973165920 Down East Circle Route 2ND ED Yacht Pilot

Travel Guides
Take your trip to new places with the help of experts. Travel Guides are a great resource when it comes to providing area history, town maps , information on restaurants, hotels, and much more!
Item # Title Notes
9781465439413 Boston DK Eyewitness DK
9781743215500 Montreal & Quebec City 4th Lonely Planet
9781742202945 Nova Scotia Lonely Planet

Electronic Charts
Protect yourself and your passengers by staying up to date with your charts. With over 10,00 corrections in the U.S. waters alone each year it is important to stay informed. Please have your electronic plotter type and model number available when you order.
Item # Title
C-Map 4D  
NAD026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approches 4D
C-Map Max-N  
NAY026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approches Max-N
C-Map Max  
NAM026 MSD Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approches Max
NAM026 C card Great Lakes, Northeast Coast & Approches Max
Navionics Platinum  
904P+ MSD US Northeast & Canyons
903P-2 MSD Nova Scotia Newfoundland
902P-2 MSD Novia Scotia - St. Lawrence River
Navionics Plus  
NAV NI MSD US and Canada
Garmin G2  
US039R MSD US All & Canadian West Coast g2
Garmin G2 Vision  
VUS511L MSD Boston - Norfolk
VUS510L MSD St. John - Cape Cod
VUS020R MSD St. Lawrence Seaway
VUS004R MSD New York
VUS003R MSD Cape Cod
VUS002R MSD South Maine
VUS001R MSD North Maine
VCA004R MSD Bay of Fundy
VCA005R MSD Halifax-Cape Breton
VCA006R MSD P.E.I.-Chaleur Bay
VCA007R MSD Les Mechins-St. George's Bay

Tide Tables
U.S. And Canadian Tide and Current Tables
80117ECT Tide Tables East Coast N & S America 2017
CHSTTV217 CHS Tide Current V2 Gulf Of St Lawrence 2017
CHSTTV117 CHS Tide Current V1 Atlantic Bay Of Fundy 2017
CHSTTV317 CHS Tide Current V3 St Lawrence River 2017

Be prepared when you travel to foreign ports with the proper courtesy flags. In addition to the flags listed below we can provide you with any size flag for any country you require.
Item # Title Notes
002600 U.S. Flag 12 X 18 Sewn
2420 U.S. Flag 2 x 3 Sewn
002460 U.S. Flag 3 x 5 Sewn
281200 Canadian Flag 12 x 18 Printed
191334 Canadian Flag 2 x 3 Printed

We also carry logs, maintenance and repair guides, weather and safety manuals, and other items you might want for your trip.

Be sure to stop by our store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We are America's premier source of information for mariners. Our top priority is to provide fast, accurate, and friendly service. Our expert crew listens to your needs and has all of the resources to make your days on the water easier, safer, and more fun!

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