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Chesapeake Bay Charts and Cruising Guides

Chesapeake Bay Charts and Cruising Guides Chesapeake Bay

Paper Charts
Below is a selection of paper charts. The individual small scale paper charts are best used for route planning. NOAA / OceanGrafix charts are corrected to the latest NTM.

Item # Title Notes
OGW13003 Cape Sable to Cape Hatteras OceanGrafix/NOAA
OGW12200 Cape May to Cape Hatteras OceanGrafix/NOAA
OGW12280 Chesapeake Bay OceanGrafix/NOAA

Chart Books
Below is a selection of chart books for the Chesapeake Bay. All chart books have approach and harbour charts for the designated areas.

Item # Title Notes
R0414 Chesapeake & Delaware Bays Region 4 Maptech
CYC5112 Chesapeake Bay North and Delaware Bay NV Charts
CYC5212 Chesapeake Bay South NV CHarts
1017430584 Gmco Chartbook Chesapeake Waterproof ADC Maps

Guides, Pilots and Sailing Directions
Below is an extensive collection of Guides and Pilots selected to provide the most complete coverage of the area. They cover all of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays from Norfolk to Cape May.
Item # Title Notes
9780071778596 Cruising The Chesapeake A Gunkholer's Guide William Shellenberger
0966402855 Guide to Chesapeake Bay Marinas Atlantic Cruising Club
CGCBF06 Chesapeake Bay To Florida Maptech
9780990395546 Waterway Guide Chesapeake Bay Dozier's
9780984754526 The Great Book Of Anchorages Chesapeake Bay The Great Book Of Anchorage's
GOVCP317 Coast Pilot 3 Atlantic Coast: Sandy Hook
to Cape Henry 2017
9781884726217 Guide to Cruising Chesapeake Bay Chesapeake Bay Magazine/Media
0970406851 Chesapeake Bay Ports Of Call Thomas A. Henschel

Chesapeake Bay Electronic Charts
Protect yourself and your passengers by staying up to date with your charts. With over 10,00 corrections in the U.S. waters alone each year it is important to stay informed. Please have your electronic plotter type and model number available when you order.
  NT+ C card  
  NT+ FP card  
  Max MSD card  
  Max C card  
  Max N+ MSD card  
  4D Wide MSD card  
  4D Local MSD card  
  Blue Chart G2 SD card  
  Blue Chart G2 Vision SD card  
  Plus MSD  
  Plus CF  
  Platinum MSD  
  Platinum CF  

Be prepared when you travel to foreign ports with the proper courtesy flags. In addition to the flags listed below we can provide you with any size flag for any country you require.
Item # Title Notes
002600 Flag U.S. 12" X 18" Nylon
2420 Flag U.S. 2' X 3' Nylon
002460 Flag U.S. 3' X 5' Nylon
142348 Flag Maryland 12" X 18" Nylon
140848 Flag Delaware 12" X 18" Nylon
143648 Flag New Jersey 12" X 18" Nylon