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Garmin Digital Charts

  • Garmin charts are programmed at the time of order. This is to ensure you always get the latest version of the chart.

  • BlueChart g2 Vision HD
  • BlueChart g2 Vision HD is Garmin’s premium chart offering, bringing all the reliability and features of BlueChart g2 HD while adding in industry
    leading features, like AutoGuidance.
  • 10 percent off
  • Prices starting at $241.06

  • BlueChart g2 HD
  • BlueChart g2 HD is Garmin’s advanced chart offering, providing worldwide cartography information and features that are reliable and easy to use.
  • 10 percent off
  • Prices starting at $104.99

BlueChart Features



G2 Vision HD  and   G2 HD G2 Vision HD  and   G2 HD G2 Vision HD  and   G2 HD
BC Contours Depth Shading BC Shallow Shading
Up to 1-foot contours provide a more accurate depiction of bottom structure for improved fishing charts and navigation in swamps, canals and marinas Depth Range Shading for up to 10 depth ranges enables you to view your target depth at a glance Shallow Water Shading feature allows for depth shading at a userdefined level to aid in navigation
G2 Vision HD  and   G2 HD G2 Vision HD G2 Vision HD
BC Vector Chart BC Auto Guidance BC 3d
Navigational aids, spot soundings, depthcontours, tides and currents and detailedharbors and marinas Garmin AutoGuidance technology shows a suggested route to adestination Unique 3D views like MarinerEye and FishEye provide additional perspective both above and below the water line
  • G2 Vision HD
  • G2 Vision HD
  • G2 Vision HD
BC sat BC photo BC roads
High-resolution satellite imagery of ports, marinas, bridges and navigational landmarks for superior situational awareness Aerial Photography shows exceptional detail of many ports, harbors and marinas and is ideal when entering unfamiliar ports Detailed coastal roads up to 5 miles inland

Please select the Garmin chip you require. If you need help or you need to order another type of Digital Chart, then please give us a call at +1-800-942-2583 (+1-954-763-6533) and ask for our Electronics Department.

To ensure that you get the correct chip please provide your plotter model in the NOTES area when placing your order.

Check our plotter reference page here to see what charts and type of chip your system uses.