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Category: Little Book Of The Sea
Little Book Of The Sea

Little Book Of The Sea

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Little Book Of The Sea

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Catalog # 9781596922570

A random collection of nautical trivia that will turn you into the most loved (or most hated) person on the boat! Did you know?.....That Britain s coast line is endless? That the brother of Ernest Hemingway founded a nation? How to inseminate a sea urchin? That some seamounts are named after Tolkien figures? How much foam is on the sea, right now? Why the sea is blue? How far is the horizon? Most of the time, we see only the world s surface, but there are stories behind every corner, some just funny, some very strange (there a people, who believe we are living inside the globe, not outside and science cannot prove them wrong!) and some important (how to save the world for example.)

Author: Lorenz Schroter
Publisher: MacAdam/Cage
Edition (November 2, 2007)
Hardcover: 233 pages
Language: English

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