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Category: >> RYA Introduction To Radar G34
RYA Introduction To Radar G34

RYA Introduction To Radar G34


RYA Introduction To Radar G34

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Catalog # 9781905104109

Marine radar is an electronic device which measures the bearing and distance of solid objects, and presents this information in the form of a map-like diagram, showing the location of objects such as land, navigation marks, and other vessels. This handy reference for all who use marine radar sets follows the syllabus of the RYA One Day Radar Course.

All in all this book provides you with a very easy read introduction to radar on small boats and the text and accompanying illustrations are clear and unambiguous. So if you're thinking about using radar, or have bought a boat with radar installed, here's the book to show you how to get get the most out of it.

Author: Tim Bartlett
Publisher: RYA
Edition Date: 2015
Number of Pages: 32

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