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Category: Publications >> Paper Publications >> Professional >> IMO >> DVD Invaders Of Sea
DVD Invaders Of Sea

DVD Invaders Of Sea


DVD Invaders Of Sea

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Catalog # V020E

DVD: Invaders From the Sea (2007 Edition)

The “Invaders from the Sea” DVD provides a unique insight into an important environmental issue: the transfer of harmful organisms
in ships’ ballast water. Filmed by the internationally renowned BBC Wildivision, this amazing story looks at how this phenomenon is
affecting our coasts and millions of lives around the world and the measures taken by the global community to fight against these alien

The DVD is in wide-screen NTSC with a screen resolution of 16:9 wide-screen. This will be suitable for use on most PCs and DVD
players world-wide.
Format: DVD
ISBN 978-92-801-7000

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