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Category: Beach Road
Beach Road

Beach Road

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Beach Road

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Catalog # 9780446619141

Montauk lawyer Tom Dunleavy's client list is woefully small - occasional real estate closings barely keep him in paper clips. When he is hired to defend a local man accused in a triple murder that has the East Hampton world in an uproar, he knows that he has found the case of his lifetime.
The crime turns the glittering playground for the super-rich into a blazing inferno. Dunleavy's client is a local hero, but Dunleavy knows the case rests atop a volcano of money, deception, and forbidden desires. His client is the perfect fall guy - unless he can find the key that unlocks the secret rooms of the gilt-shrouded set.

Authors: James Patterson; Peter De Jonge
Publisher: Vision
Publication Date: 2007
Binding: Softcover

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