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Small Craft Piloting & Coastal Navigation

Small Craft Piloting & Coastal Navigation


Small Craft Piloting & Coastal Navigation

Ships In 1 to 2 Weeks
Catalog # 0969495803

This text will be an invaluable aid for students of the art and science of navigation, whether they be novices setting out with their very first boat or mariners with long experience at sea. This is the first book on this difficult subject to provide extensive illustrations and charts, over 200 in all, to help the reader fully grasp the principles of navigation and fully understand the consequences of not knowing these principles. With this visual support, the text clearly presents all the information required to power a launch through inland waters or sail a yacht along the ocean coast. The novice will find useful knowledge on basic equipment, the rules of waterway traffic, the buoyage system, how to use charts and a compass, and how to plot a course, take bearings and establish a fix. The experienced boater will find, as well as a handy reference source, information on advanced techniques of small craft piloting, such as special conditions of lines of position and notes on leeway and drift.

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