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Category: Eye Of Vengeance
Eye Of Vengeance

Eye Of Vengeance

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Eye Of Vengeance

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When a convicted murderer is dramatically gunned down in front of a corrections facility with a single bullet to the head, journalist Nick Mullins is quickly dispatched by his newspaper to cover the story. A veteran crime reporter, Nick is no stranger to scenes of violence and loss, but a coincidence immediately draws him into the investigation: The victim was a featured subject in one of his earlier news stories.
Nick himself is still struggling with the aftermath of another crime: a car accident caused by a drunk driver that took the lives of his wife and one of their two daughters. Now, with a nine-year- old to raise on his own, Nick is trying to balance single-fatherhood with a career that daily puts him into the dark corners of death and justice. But this new shooting soon leads to another discovery. Researching his past stories, Nick finds that just months earlier, a man he exposed for killing his own wife was murdered in his car. The MO: a single gunshot to the head. And when a third man Nick wrote about is murdered in the same way, it becomes clear that a serial sniper is on the loose . . . and he has his eye on Nick. With everything on the line—his family, his career, and his own life—Nick must figure out who is next in the crosshairs before it’s too late.

Author: Jonathon King
Publisher: Dutton Adult;
First Edition edition (May 18, 2006)
Hardcover: 288 pages
Language: English

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