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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Savoring Fish & Shellfish
Savoring Fish & Shellfish

Savoring Fish & Shellfish


Savoring Fish & Shellfish

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Catalog # 9780848731755

Savoring Fish & Shellfish offers a wealth of recipes and techniques from around the world. In one beautiful volume, youll discover the cultural and culinary customs of a dozen countries remarkable for their grand coastlines and freshwater lakes and rivers. From an all-American clambake to tangy Mexican scallop ceviche, from spicy Chinese crab in black bean sauce and Indian tandoori grilled fish to Provenal tuna nioise, irresistible Italian stuffed clams, and garlic-laced Spanish shrimp, Savoring Fish & Shellfish brings the world of seafood right to your table.

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