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Category: Featured >> NAM027 SD Central America And The Caribb
NAM027 SD Central America And The Caribb

NAM027 SD Central America And The Caribb


NAM027 SD Central America And The Caribb

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Catalog # NAM027 SD

NAM027 Central America and the Caribbean MAX (SD Card) brings electronic charts to life. See NavAids on-screen exactly as they appear through your pilothouse window or view an aerial photograph of an unfamiliar inlet before you enter. The MAX card gracefully combines unparalleled levels of chart accuracy and detail, striking presentation and a huge collection of new value-added data. MAX infuses a new generation of chart plotters with lightning fast, knockout performance plus real-life accuracy and detail. New Value Added Data Multi-Media Objects such as diagrams of marinas, seamless coastal roads, Points of Interest (POIs), a new 3-D mode, fully animated worldwide tides and much more.

CMAP Max Wide Central America and Caribbean SD card features:
• Dynamic NavAids;
• Guardian Alarm;
• Route;
• C-Marina Port Database;
• Multi-language capability;
• Dynamic tides and currents;
• Photos and diagrams;
• Depths and land elevation;
• Perspective view;
• Points of interest.

Manufacturer: C-Map
Part#: NA-M027SDCARD

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