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Spice & Herb Bible

Spice & Herb Bible


Spice & Herb Bible

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Catalog # 9780778801467

The second edition of this classic reference is significantly expanded, with four new spices and herbs as well as 25 additional blends. The book is now printed in full color and features color photography throughout. Every herb and spice has a handsome and detailed color photograph to make identification and purchasing a breeze. The book includes fascinating and authoritative histories of a wide range of global herbs and spices such as angelica, basil, candle nut, chervil, elder, fennel, grains of paradise, licorice root, saffron, tamarind, Vietnamese mint and zedoary.

Author: Ian Hemphill
Publisher: Robert Rose;
Second Edition (03-05-2006)
Paperback: 607 pages

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