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Category: Caribbean Dawn
Caribbean Dawn

Caribbean Dawn

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Caribbean Dawn

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When Graham was in the orphanage he had, like many of the other kids there, dreams of what he wanted to do with his life. As the years progressed and with his love for the sea these aims were accomplished. His time in the British and the American submarine service, with its many dangers in the deep oceans of the world gave him a new respect for the sea in all its moods. His love for a wonderful lady called Sally and the tragedy that followed. To having his own charter boat in the Caribbean; his friendship with Liam and Nancy and the many adventures they shared like the ghostly 'Leygan Lee Incident' and the mystery and storms of the Cuban passage. There would be new love and happiness found with Jane brought about by her daughter Alex all set amid the beautiful tropical islands of the Caribbean. All this being a far cry from the back streets of a Yorkshire mill town.

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