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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Seafood Grilling Twice A Week
Seafood Grilling Twice A Week

Seafood Grilling Twice A Week


Seafood Grilling Twice A Week

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Catalog # 0961642653

Thirty years ago Hansen grilled wild king salmon for 500 guests who attended her wedding, and she has studied, cooked, and promoted seafood ever since. In this, her sixth seafood cookbook, she shares her knowledge, recipes, and methods for successful grilling.
The book begins with authoritative information about fish and seafood safe-handling tips, including shopping for seafood, refrigeration, and freezing. A detailed chapter, "At the Grill," explains grilling equipment, procedures, and techniques, including aromatic cooking. It also clarifies heating styles: direct and indirect heat, covered and uncovered grills, dry and moist heat, and broiling.

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