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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Cruising Chef Cookbook
Cruising Chef Cookbook

Cruising Chef Cookbook


Cruising Chef Cookbook

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Catalog # 0830668640

The Cruising Chef Cookbook is described as a cookbook for galley chefs who love good food. It is actually a book of nautical wisdom in the guise of a cookbook containing hundreds of tips and sound advice. It includes an extensive discussion of preparing for a voyage and resupplying in native markets. Chapter 4, Special Cooking Techniques, describes pressure cooking, stir frying and grilling, particularly useful techniques for the galley chef. Chapter 7, The Sarasota Shuffle describes the fine art of beach combing, poking along the shore looking for the makings of a seafood dinner. Greenwald's salty humor is found throughout the book. The Great Polvoronis Smuggle is a tongue-in-cheek smugglers tale about running Christmas cookies into Gibraltar.

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