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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Galley >> Food >> Casseroles Revised ED
Casseroles Revised ED

Casseroles Revised ED


Casseroles Revised ED

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Catalog # 1558672656

Casseroles are a time-efficient, economical, nutritious and delicious way to feed a family. Besides being wonderful family fare, casseroles also make simple, casual entrées for guests.

In this book you'll find old favorites, new ideas, international fare, lots of suggestions to cut fat and calories, and two chapters of quick-and-easy recipes for cooks in a hurry!
tips about containers, garnishing, storage, reducing fat
hearty meat casseroles
chicken and seafood casseroles
international favorites
side dishes and vegetables
"soup-er easy" casseroles use soups for sauces
breakfast and brunch ideas

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