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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Boating >> Design >> Learning How To Scrimshaw
Learning How To Scrimshaw

Learning How To Scrimshaw


Learning How To Scrimshaw

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The title of this book could be, "You don't have to draw to scrimshaw". I say this because I believe that almost anyone regardless their artistic talent can produce perfectly beautiful works of scrimshaw. The book started out as a series of handouts developed from procedures and exercises that i discovered while practicing and teaching scrimshaw. Another discovery I made while teaching was that not all students start with the same skills and talents and need different types of help. If the reader, regardless there level, will practice the exercises and follow the procedures in this book I believe they will find themselves producing some very beautiful works of scrimshaw. I have seen this happen repeatedly in class after class and have faith that, you, the reader can do the same thing. The author hopes that in some small why this book will bring more interest to this art form. The whales may be endangered but lets not let their memory or scrimshaw die.

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