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Category: Books >> Children >> My Ocean Liner
My Ocean Liner

My Ocean Liner


My Ocean Liner

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Catalog # 0880451491

My Ocean Liner relates the adventures of a young New York boy, Paul, who sails with his father and mother on the great French ocean liner Normandie in 1939 from New York to France. Unlike the tale of the ill-fated Titanic, this one is filled with the pleasures and novelties of life at sea in the fastest and most luxurious ocean liner of its era. Since Paul has a good eye for his surroundings and a nose for adventure, we soon know a great deal about the ship, from its luxurious cabins to its huge engine room. Not only does Paul meet and rescue another young lad on his first voyage, but he makes friends with the deck steward and stewardess assigned to his cabin, and forms an attachment that lasts their whole lives. In a lively and convincing manner, the author, Peter Mandel, conveys the pleasures of a bygone age, the look and feel and smell of a great ship, the warmth of becoming fast friends with people of another culture, and the excitement of being a passenger on a legendary ocean liner in its glory days. The book is beautifully illustrated by Betsey MacDonald in full color throughout, with paintings recreating the passengers and crew, the stateroom, dining room, decks and engine room of the Normandie, a welcome contribution since there are very few vintage photographs of the ship's interiors, and the MacDonald watercolors bring the ship vividly to life. The introduction is by John Maxtone-Graham, the well-known authority on the world's great ocean liners.

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