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Florida Gardening By The Sea

Florida Gardening By The Sea


Florida Gardening By The Sea

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"Walther has given residents many new reasons to take up the trowel and head back to the garden. Her fresh look at plantings and plant care takes the work out of having an attractive landscape."--Thomas MacCubbin, author of Month by Month Gardening in Florida

"A good reference for anyone interested in enjoying a nice Florida garden with minimal effort, full of quick tips that make gardening simple and fun."--Kimberly Taylor, University of Florida Center for Landscape Conservation and Ecology

No time? No space? No expertise? No problem! Florida Gardening on the Go reveals how easy it is to have a beautiful, bountiful garden, despite those limitations.

Too often, would-be gardeners complain that they don't have as much time to spend planning, planting, and pruning as they'd like. Columnist Lynette Walther--who has gardened in Florida for more than four decades--offers projects that can be accomplished with minimal effort and upkeep.

This time-saving guide provides step-by-step instructions in a month-by-month format. Even the busiest person will find useful "quick tips" for creating a low-maintenance garden, a garden that makes a big impact in a small yard, or a garden that is easy on the environment. Having trouble with weeds in your lawn? Try corn gluten. It can be applied throughout the year and does not harm children, pets, or wildlife. Squirrels digging in your container gardens? Repel them with sprigs of rosemary.

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