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Divers Log Book

Divers Log Book


Divers Log Book

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Catalog # 9781550464788

Designed by divers for divers, Divers Log Book provides both professional and recreational divers with a place to keep track of every detail and document of diving life. You can preserve the particulars of each new dive with: number, class, location, weather conditions, temperatures, visibility, depth, pressures, sightings, hazards, any and all things noteworthy. The pages for critical personal information are designed for recording vital data such as certification status, medical notes, emergency telephone numbers, and contact information for fellow divers and diving-related companies and organizations.

  • Illustrations of international dive flags and hand signals;
  • Thorough equipment checklists;
  • Equipment maintenance records;
  • Personal information pages.

Author: Dean McConnachie, Christine Marks
Publisher: Boston Mills Press
Edition Date: 2006
Number of Pages: 240

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