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Category: Electrical Boats And Navigation
Electrical Boats And Navigation

Electrical Boats And Navigation

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Electrical Boats And Navigation

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It is believed that the contents of this volume will be of interest to a wide circle of readers, many of whom have not hitherto paid attention to the rapid advances made in the application of electric power to the purposes of navigation. The industry of equipping and operating electrical boats is still new; but, as will be seen, a great deal of instructive experimental work has been done, and in many instances marked practical success has been attained. No attempt has been made here to give the details of every electric craft built up to date, but a certain number are dealt with as illustrative of the history of the art and its evolution. The book also embodies a large quantity of data on the subject not brought together before. It has sometimes been found that an art passing through its earlier stages of perfection is helped by the appearance of literature on its new problems and conditions; and should any stimulus to electrical navigation be given by this book, the authors will feel rewarded for their trouble. Keywords: 120410

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