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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Diving/Fishing/Sports >> Striped Bass Chronicles
Striped Bass Chronicles

Striped Bass Chronicles


Striped Bass Chronicles

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The striped bass sustained American colonists throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and went west with nineteenth-century pioneers. During the past one hundred years, however, Atlantic coastal stocks have been overfished three times to the brink of recreational extinction.

Today, the stripers are back in such numbers that they're the center of a saltwater fly-fishing revival. Author George Reiger recounts his own relationship to the striped bass, and traces the history of the great sport fish through such angling writers as Henry William Herbert and Robert Barnwell Roosevelt in the nineteenth century, to Joe Brooks and Lefty Kreh in more recent decades. The book also demonstrates that despite today's bounty, the striper could be heading for another collapse unless prevailing fisheries turn to better conservation policies. The Striped Bass Chronicles is a paean to a remarkable fish--and a prayer for its future.

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