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Category: Books >> Fiction >> And The Sea Will Tell
And The Sea Will Tell

And The Sea Will Tell


And The Sea Will Tell

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And the Sea Will Tell spins a riveting story--a story that could have been the backbone for a classic novel by Herman Melville or Joseph Conrad. Two couples--one wealthy and married, the other an ex-con and his hippie girlfriend-- separately set sail for a remote South Pacific island, each hoping to play ""Adam and Eve"" in paradise. Instead of getting away from it all, they take it with them-- their pasts and prejudices, and the petty battles over status and material goods that arise from their different social classes. Only two people out of the original four live through the experience. One of them has the extraordinary good luck to be defended in court by master attorney Vincent Bugliosi (author of Helter Skelter). As the Los Angeles Times writes, ""The book succeeds on all counts. The final pages are some of the most suspenseful in trial literature.""

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