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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Sea/Seashore/Nature >> Sharks & Rays Of World
Sharks & Rays Of World


Sharks & Rays Of World

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Catalog # 9780896580113

Doug Perrine examines the bizarre evolutionary experiments that have characterized the development of sharks and rays, exploding the myth that they have remained unchanged over hundreds of millions of years. You'll also learn about their reproduction, feeding, body form, and sensory adaptions, all of which are highly advanced and unique among fishes. After providing a general description of the natural history of sharks and rays, Perrine profiles some of the more colorful and popular species, including the great white shark, manta ray, whale shark, and electric ray. If you're a scuba diver or interested in natural history and the sea, you'll treasure Sharks and Rays of the World, a fascinating introduction- in easy-to-understand text and stunning color photographs- to these captivating mammals.

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