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Category: Books >> Collectible >> Superyachts Vol 19 2006
Superyachts Vol 19 2006

Superyachts Vol 19 2006


Superyachts Vol 19 2006

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Catalog # 1898524769

The yachts featured are Adele, Asean Lady, Athena, Canica, Ecstasea, Flying Eagle, Galaxy, Ghost, Haida G, Lady Christina, MITseaAH, Northern Star, Parsifal III, Rasselas, Saramour, Sherakhan, Talitha G, The One, Twizzle, White Rabbit and Yalla.

The Supercharter areas have Wega in Brazil and Andromeda La Dea in Italy.

There are also 26 pages of new projects, The Register of the world's largest yachts, The Directory and an index of vessels appearing in previous volumes.

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