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Fate brought them together. Fate almost ended their lives; but would the circle of fate deliver them to the culmination of their life long dream. Everyone thought that Dee and Marshall Saunders would never return to their dream of retiring early to cruise the world in their own sailboat. After all fate abruptly intervened and shattered their dream twice first by the sudden tragic death of their daughter, and later when they experienced every sailor s ultimate nightmare a collision at sea with a freighter. In 90 seconds their boat and all of their worldly possessions were thousands of feet beneath the ocean s surface. It took Dee s childhood driving force you can do it, if you try coupled with Marshall s incredible unfailing talents to meet the challenges that suddenly confronted them. As the reader follows the couple relentlessly plow through life s unexpected tragedies and continually climb back up with courage and determination, he will learn that all dreams are achievable and can even be enhanced by life s unexpected tragedies and sometimes end in a way that you could never imagine.

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