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Category: Navigation Supplies >> Instruments >> Barographs >> W&P Cargo Lamp Oil
W&P Cargo Lamp Oil

W&P Cargo Lamp Oil


W&P Cargo Lamp Oil

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Catalog # WP8803


The Dutch-made brass Cargo Lantern is a versatile lamp that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Because of the glass panels that surround the oil burner, the flame will not blow out in a breeze. The Cargo Lamp can be set on a table or hung from the brass bail. The lamp is constructed of solid brass with a polished and lacquered finish to ensure a long lasting shine.

The manufacturer of this Cargo Lantern, Den Haan Rotterdam, was founded in Rotterdam, Holland, in 1922. It began as a manufacturer of navigation and interior lighting for inland and seagoing vessels. All lamps, many of them replicas of old models, are handmade to commercial ship standards.

•Polished and lacquered finish
•Oil container capacity: 8.5 oz (.25l)
•Burn time: +/- 25 hours with clean burning Weems and Plath lamp fuel
•Electric Conversion kit available for an extra charge
•Two Year Limited Warranty

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