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Category: Drinkology Wine
Drinkology Wine

Drinkology Wine

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Drinkology Wine

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Witty and accessible, Drinkology WINE begins with a basic wine vocabulary. To explain how wine is made, Waller then takes you on a visit to a working winery. He demystifies wine tasting, showing you how to do it just like a pro. Chapters on red and white wine grapes and on sparkling wines equip you with fundamental knowledge. And Waller's tour of the wine world is conducted from your local wine shop: the place you're most likely to encounter wine in all its breathtaking-sometimes intimidating-variety. Stylish in its presentation yet assuming no prior knowledge of the subject, Drinkology WINE is an invaluable resource for the wine neophyte and an entertaining refresher course for the more experienced oenophile.

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