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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Travel >> Explore Stories Of Survival From Off T
Explore Stories Of Survival From Off T

Explore Stories Of Survival From Off T


Explore Stories Of Survival From Off T

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Catalog # 1560252782

Stories of Survival from Off the Map offers first-hand accounts by the world's boldest explorers, who have encountered storms, starvation, canibals, predators, and disease in their pursuit of mystery and adventure. Nunez Cabeza de Vaca writes of his 16th century expedition to the region north of the Gulf of Mexico, an amazing tale of survival and hardship that begins with the loss of de Vaca's ships and the capture and enslavement of his party by Indians. Argentinian novelist Abel Posse gives us an unforgettable Christopher Columbus facing down mutiny and the threat of starvation Tim Flannery almost dies while searching for Fulmer's Fruit Bat, thought to have become extinct 12,000 years ago. Thor Heyderdahl recounts his earliest adventure in Polynesia. Premier mountaineering and adventure writer David Roberts searches for a legendary lost city high in the cliffs of New Mexico. Following an ancient trail, Roberts discovers a beautifully preserved Anasazi city — and a curse.

Author/Editor: Jennifer Schwamm Willis
Publisher: Da Capo Press
Edition Date: (August 15, 2000)
Paperback: 360 pages
Language: English

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