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Category: Ship's Store >> Calendars/Cards/Stationary >> Calendars >> Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021
Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021

Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021


Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021

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Catalog # 9781523510559

Ocean Unseen Wall Calendar 2021

A breathtaking exploration-in-photographs that celebrates the oceans’ great biodiversity.

Introducing a calendar whose time has come. As climate change, pollution, and overfishing put the Earth’s oceans in peril, it becomes ever more important to recognize the astonishing diversity of the animals who inhabit their depths. The Unseen Ocean is a gorgeous exploration-in-photographs of amazingly vibrant underwater worlds, featuring breathtaking images by distinguished marine photographers. The creatures are ethereal, their colors electrifying. A tiny Pygmy Seahorse peeks out from its coral home. A majestic Green Sea Turtle rests on a bed of seaweed. Mother and calf Humpback Whales swim in tandem. Colorful Pink Anemonefish take up residence in a Magnificent Sea Anemone. It’s a gorgeous gift for divers and nature lovers—and a tribute to the beauty and charisma of the oceans’ inhabitants. Printed on FSC-certified paper.

Dimensions: 12" x 12"
Format: Full Color
Layout: A stunning photo associated with each calendar month

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