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Give ME The World

Give ME The World


Give ME The World

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Catalog # 1580050913

At the age of twenty-five, Leila Hadley, bored with her New York PR job, buys two tickets aboard a cargo ship headed for Hong Kong: one for herself and one for her six-year-old son Kippy. This decision sets her life on an entirely new course. After Manila, Hong Kong, and Bangkok, their travels take an unexpected turn: She meets four young men sailing their boat around the world, and convinces them to let her and Kippy join them. Seal is thrilled to release the paperback edition of this lush and richly evocative travel narrative, first published in 1958, in which Hadley offers sensuous descriptions of the places she visits, as well as lively accounts of the people and traditions. It’s not only the luminous vitality of her prose that makes this travelogue such a pleasure to read but also the courage of her decision to toss expectations to the wind and embrace all the adventures the world has to offer. Give Me the World is the gold standard by which all travel memoirs are judged—it endures as an inspiration to the adventurer that lurks within us all.

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