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Category: Perfect Puppy For ME
Perfect Puppy For ME

Perfect Puppy For ME

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Perfect Puppy For ME

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Catalog # 0670036145

Here is a terrific book for anyone who wants a puppy. Our hero is desperate for a dog of his own. But he has to wait until next year when he's ten before he can have a real dog. That gives him lots of time to meet all kinds of dogs and puppies. Next door is Duke, a German shepherd who brings in the groceries; then there's Patsy, a big Newfie who loves to swim! And a little Jack Russell named Tidbit with boundless energy. With so many breeds, how will he ever decide which one is best for him? After visits to the dog show and the dog park, and to see newborn puppies, our friend really gets a feeling for each breed and so will readers. And if you want to know what kind of dog he ends up with, you'll just have to wait and see. That's a surprise!

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