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Category: Pirate Meets The Queen
Pirate Meets The Queen

Pirate Meets The Queen

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Pirate Meets The Queen

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Catalog # 0399240381

What do you get when you mix a fiery, red-headed girl with the high seas? Granuaile, better known as Granny O’Malley! And would she rather raid ships than learn the ways of a woman? Yes. And though a woman, would she become captain of her own crew and take to pirating and plundering every English merchant ship that dares sail by? Indeed. But Red Liz, the Queen of England, isn’t going to take Granny O’Malley’s filching without a fight. When she imprisons Granny’s son, the pirate and the Queen come face to face—and neither feisty female is prepared for what happens next! Matt Faulkner sets readers sailing on a pirating adventure that guarantees you’ll never forget the name Granny O’Malley.

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