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Category: Guides >> Travel >> Hudson River Journey
Hudson River Journey

Hudson River Journey


Hudson River Journey

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Bursting with historical, cultural, and natural abundance, the Hudson River Valley region has captured the imaginations and the hearts of generations of writers, artists, and adventurers. Now two Hudson Valley natives have teamed up to capture the beauty and the passion of this special region. More than 100 full-color photos lavishly display the varied terrain from the sheer, abrupt cliffs of the Shawangunk range to the quiet, tidal backwaters along the river and the serene mystique of the fertile countryside. From covered bridges to lighthouses, from ice climbing to bucolic vistas, there is something here for every set of eyes. Photos are gracefully complemented with rich text from one of the region's most experienced and dedicated travel writers.

Author: Hardie Truesdale, Joanne Michaels
Publisher: Countryman Press
Edition Date: 2003
Number of Pages: 128

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