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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Diving/Fishing/Sports >> Scuba Dive Snorkel Surf Palm Beach Florida
Scuba Dive Snorkel Surf Palm Beach Florida

Scuba Dive Snorkel Surf Palm Beach Florida


Scuba Dive Snorkel Surf Palm Beach Florida

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Scuba Dive Snorkel Surf Palm Beach Florida

Paperback – Illustrated, October 15, 2019

by Peter McDougall, Ian Popple, Otto Wagner

The ultimate guide for beach and marine activities in Palm Beach. The detailed descriptions and illustrations of beaches, coral reefs, shipwrecks, and other dive spots are ideal for divers, snorkelers and surfers. This guidebook will help anyone wanting to make the most of their time in the city and in the water.

Detailed descriptions and map art: Reef Smart catalogues the beaches, surf spots, and dive and snorkel sites in Palm Beach. With the help of Reef Smart’s unique 3D-mapping technology, learn all you need to know about the regions' top dive and snorkel sites. These maps provide useful information such as depths, currents, waves, suggested routes, potential hazards, unique structures and species information.

Don’t go diving without it: This indispensable resource will help you plan and execute dives without a hitch. Make sure to pack this guidebook with the rest of your scuba gear.

This guidebook provides:

The best locations for diving, snorkeling and surfing, and how to access them
Detailed 3D maps, graphics and information to help you plan your time in and out of the water
Species guide to help you identify and understand the marine creatures you’ll encounter in Palm Beach and its surrounding areas
And much more!
A unique and comprehensive SCUBA diving book. Also look for Reef Smart Guides Florida: Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach; Reef Smart Guides Barbados; and the best selling Reef Smart Guides Bonaire.

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