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Category: Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched 2019/2020 Yearbook
Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched 2019/2020 Yearbook

Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched 2019/2020 Yearbook

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Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched 2019/2020 Yearbook

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Catalog # 9780710633057

Janes Weapons: Air-Launched 2019 2020 Edition

Jane’s Weapons: Air-Launched Yearbook 19/20

Understand air-launched weapons threats

Access in-depth data on weapons carried on the world's air platforms. Technical and program information helps military and security organizations with intelligence, planning and procurement, while market analysis enables A&D firms to execute effective marketing, strategy and product development.

Jane's Weapons: Air-Launched from IHS Markit helps you:

Assess technologies and capabilities
Conduct industry market research
Identify airborne weapons suppliers
Discover emerging defence needs
Evaluate competitors, partners and acquisition targets
Model air warfare threat scenarios
What's included - Profiles of 500+ airborne weapons in 140+ countries cover:

Technical details and capability descriptions
Functionality and operational parameters
Variants, upgrades and planned future enhancements
Operational status and worldwide user base
Combat records
Analysis of types, inventories and aircraft weapon loads
Photographs and diagrams
Suppliers and manufacturers

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