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Category: Books >> Non-Fiction >> Jungle: A Photicular Book
Jungle: A Photicular Book

Jungle: A Photicular Book


Jungle: A Photicular Book

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Catalog # 9780761189534

Jungle: A Photicular Book

Trek into the wild heart of the rain forest. Discover a world teeming with life. Dense and humid and filled with secrets, rain forests are home to more than half the world's plants and animals. Watch a tarantula scuttle across the forest floor. A dancing whipsnake flick its tongue. A Bengal tiger on the prowl, and a brilliant red-and-green macaw soar above the canopy.

Using unique Photicular technology, Jungle parts the mysterious veil of this sun-dappled land, revealing in color and motion the living exuberance within. Experience it for yourself.

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