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Practical Ship Handling 4TH ED

Practical Ship Handling 4TH ED


Practical Ship Handling 4TH ED

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Practical Ship Handling 4TH ED

The greatest risk of marine casualty occurs when a ship is in confined areas and shallow water. So that a ship may be safely navigated and skilfully handled in these situations, an expert is employed – a pilot. However, a pilot requires assistance and advice from the ship’s master, officers and crew. Every ship's officer will learn something from this new 4th Edition of Practical Ship Handling. It will give an insight into the esoteric art of ship handling and will, hopefully, lead to efficient teamwork on the bridge and a better understanding of a ship's behaviour under the influence of wind, tide, tugs and men.

Practical Ship Handling explains many fundamental principles of ship handling as applied to berthing, unberthing, passing and anchoring. The advantages and disadvantages of motor ships, steamers, bow thrusters and controllable pitch propellers are explained. Particular attention has been given to the effective placement and use of tugs in various situations and there is a summary of developments in tug propulsion from single screw to tractor.

Trainee pilots and ships’ officers who aspire to be pilots will appreciate this introduction to a specialised field in the maritime industry. Expertise at ship handling cannot be gained from books and simulators alone, it is necessary to have practice and natural ability; but this will impart another essential ingredient – knowledge.

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